Upload files via FTP using Javascript

Getting started

  • 1. Include the script:
    <script src="http://Ftp.apixml.net/ftp.js">
  • 2. Include an upload button:
    <input type=file 
    onchange="Ftp.upload('access_token', this.files)"/>


Can anybody abuse this to gain access to my FTP server?

You define your FTP access credentials with us, and we give you an access token in return. The javascript has no access to your FTP credentials, and the worst an attacker can do is upload more files to a defined path, they can't download files via FTP, or upload outside of the allowed path.

Content policy

Do not upload pirated material via this service

We have a zero tolerance for pirated material. We log all access, and will remotely delete content uploaded via our service if it is found to be pirated, or otherwise illegal.

It's free!

This is a free script, no usage restrictions. You can include it license free, in any project, either commercial or non commercial.